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Swag-tastic! The Top 5 Most Unexpectedly Awesome Promotional Products of the Year


Get ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our list of the top five swag items that have taken promotional gifting to the next level this year! Whether you’re looking to surprise your team, impress clients, or stand out at your next event, these unique picks are sure to draw attention and start conversations.


  1. Custom Plant Kits

Nothing says “grow with us” quite like a custom plant kit. Perfect for eco-friendly brands or those looking to add a touch of green to their marketing strategy, these kits can include everything from succulents to herbs. Fun Fact: They’re not just good for the planet; nurturing a plant can boost mood and enhance productivity in the office!


  1. Tech Taco Organizers

Yes, you read that right. Tech taco organizers are quirky, colourful, and incredibly practical. These little wonders help keep your cables and wires organized, wrapped up in a neat, taco-shaped holder. They’re perfect for tech companies or any business looking to add a playful touch to their tech essentials.


  1. Light-Up Logo Wireless Chargers

Illuminate your brand literally with wireless chargers that light up your logo when used. They are not just practical for charging smartphones without the hassle of cords; they also serve as a glowing reminder of your brand.

  1. Reversible Sequin Swag

From pillows to notebook covers, reversible sequins add a touch of magic to any item. Swipe your hand up and down to reveal different colours or messages – perfect for creating interactive and memorable promotional items that everyone will want to play with.

  1. Custom Bobbleheads

Create a mini-me of your best clients or your entire team! Custom bobbleheads can be a fun and humorous way to celebrate company culture or honor special clients. They make great conversation starters and keep your brand prominently displayed on desks everywhere.


This year, go beyond pens and keychains. These fun and fabulous swag options will not only capture attention but also captivate the hearts of everyone who receives them. Remember, the best promotional products are those that spark joy and create lasting impressions.

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