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Why Work with a Promotional Consultant

Why Work with a Promotional Consultant

A Professional and experienced promotional consultant will help answer your questions – even those you might not think of or didn’t know you needed to ask.  They will be able to help you design a program or the product to get results and save you time and money in the process.

Here’s 10 more reasons why your business can benefit from working with a trained promotional consultant:

  1. Promotional consultants go beyond just selling products

    Successful promotional campaigns don’t happen by chance.  To realize goals, promotional programs must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the audience, budge and the ultimate result to be gained.  An experienced promotional consultant can help you solve problems, plan programs and get results.


  3. Professional promotional consultants have access to vast product research resources

    This includes an extensive database which contains more than 700,000 products.

    You can find a mug online, but a promotional consultant can find hundreds of mugs, in a multitude of colors, sizes, shapes, materials, designs, etc.  Have you saved money if you purchase mugs that are not the right color or if they break due to inferior quality?


  5. Promotional consultants are in tune with the latest trends

    This includes hot items and the newest products.

    A qualified promotional consultant can add creativity, innovation and imagination to your overall program to achieve your desired goals.  Many online services you the products they want to sell, a qualified promotional consultant will listen to what you want and help you find the right product for your needs.


  7. A promotional consultant is more than just a salesperson

    Chances are you will buy promotional products more than once in your life.  Once a company uses a promotional consultant, this relationship often continues for years – even decades.  Your professional consultant is someone with whom you have worked, someone you know and trust. 

    In many cases, companies use the promotional consultant as part of the creative team, even including them in marketing meetings.


  9. You receive personalized service

    When going online, your selection is what the internet company decides to make available.  When you work with a promotional consultant, product selection is determined by your needs and goals, enhanced by the experience, creativity and recommendations of the promotional consultant who has your best interests at heart. 

    Online, you are a faceless, nameless buyer.  With a promotional consultant, you are a client with your own personal shopper, receiving service along with ideas and prices. 

    When you order online, who monitors your order and your deadline?  Your promotional consultant has your interests in mind.  Seldom do you receive this kind of personalized service from an online company.  That is how their business model is designed.


  11. Industry promotional consultants offer experienced advice on how to imprint items.

    You may have found the perfect key chain, but will your logo imprint on it? Will it be recognizable?  Some things don’t work or there might be something else that will work better. 

    A qualified promotional consultant can explain the best printing process for your program, your imprint and the product you have chosen.

  12. Trained promotional consultants can save you money.

    Often, a price you see in a generic catalog or on the internet does not cover many hidden costs, such as setup, imprint duplication, shipping, etc.  A promotional consultant can help you avoid unexpected and unbudgeted costs by quoting the total price upfront.


  14. Promotional consultants will work with you to get your artwork imprinted properly.

    Say you want your company’s logo embroidered on a golf shirt.  How do you insure it will be done properly and with the correct colors? 

    A trained promotional consultant can work with you to insure accurate transfer of your artwork, including correct fonts, size, spacing and many other important facts. 

    And your promotional consultant’s commitment to quality customer service will guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product.


  16. Professional promotional consultants can assist you in developing a workable distribution plan for your products.

    Distribution of a promotional product is as important as the item itself.  Research shows that a carefully executed distribution plan significantly increases the effectiveness of promotional products. 

    But what if the cost of distributing your product is more than the product and more than your expected ROI?  A promotional consultant can help you avoid unexpected problems like these.


  18. Promotional consultants are the experts in their field.

    When you are sick, you want a doctor who has the specialized training to help you.  PPAI promotional consultants meet the highest qualifications standards in the industry. 

    There are many educational opportunities offered to professional promotional consultants to take advantage of.

There is no need to spend all your time on the internet or searching through catalogs, you promotional consultant will come to you-like a doctor who makes house calls!

Contact us today to get your business benefiting from using promotional products with a trained expert!

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